‘Black Panther’ premiere inspires filmgoers around world to dress the part

“Black Panther” has taken over the weekend with fans packing theaters to see the latest Marvel offering.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the film stars Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, prince and later king of Wakanda, who is also known as Black Panther. The film follows him as he tries to protect his homeland, a fictional African country called Wakanda, from evil forces.

Fans around the world are so excited for the film, a rare movie fronted by a black superhero, that some have even dressed up in outfits inspired by the continent of Africa or by previous films about fictional African countries, such as “Coming to America.”

Here are some fans whose costumes stood out among posts by moviegoers around the world, including Spain and South Africa.

Black People in SPAIN after #BlackPanther OUR TIME IS NOW! pic.twitter.com/vicap5QwcM

— Chocozinga Mbande, reina de Ndongo y de Matamba (@Machocolatera) February 17, 2018

Morning guys, Hope you are well, Our new hashtag #wakandadrippin we set up to celebrate the #blackpanther film release is starting to take off on social media.. Our friend Andre @drayonis he’s on the left wins the internet today ?????????? He has a great comic at : https://www.thedogyears.com Post your pictures in your Wakanda swag ADD the hashtag and tag us and if we like it we will share it.. The movie is definately a game changer for POC Enjoy the vibe guys, use it to push your projects and more importantly support each other Post your pics guys and ADD the hashtag wakandadrippin #BlackPantherSoLit #blackpanthermovie #chocolatecitycomics #marvelblackpanther #blackpantherbesolit #blackqueens #doramilaje #theyearofblackpanther #wakandaforever #chadwickboseman #michaelbjordan #lupitanyongo #danaigurira #africanfashion #wakandan #zamunda #fromzamundatowakanda #ryancoogler #28DaysOfBlackCosplay #comingtoamerica

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