The Place We Call Home

This weekend we are sharing some pieces about that basic human need: shelter. How do we find a place to live — and what happens once we move in?

Katherine Lam

“First things first,” the financial planner said. “You need to buy some property.” The contributing opinion writer Jennine Capó Crucet did what anyone under 35 does in a moment like that: She tweeted, “Someone tell me if I should buy a house?”

From David Brooks: “The neighborhood you choose, and the social fabric you enter, is more important than the structure you adore.”

Sam Alden

“I was getting ready for bed when I heard sirens,” writes Megan Stielstra. “It happened so fast: One day we had a home and then — snap your fingers.” ///katie, this is a ref to her being underwater on her condo, so is this kosher?///

Julia Wertz

Maeve Higgins on the pain of losing a good deal on an apartment: “I did what we must all do when New York rejects us. I went to New Jersey.”

Vincent Mahé

What is it like to get to know the people you’ve been watching from across the street? Hear about going from voyeur to friend, from both sides.

A 2008 essay by Peter Lovenheim still resonates: “There’s talk today about how as a society we’ve become fragmented by ethnicity, income, city versus suburb, red state versus blue. But we also divide ourselves with invisible dotted lines. I’m talking about the property lines that isolate us from the people we are physically closest to: our neighbors.”

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