How Real Estate Astrologers Think About It?

Times have changed. How do astrologers think now? Not much differently than they have always thought. But they are better known. Russians think of their nation as Aquarius ruled, based on Johnson’s Russia List. Johnson’s List is a daily email newsletter with information and analysis about contemporary Russia by a broad assortment of sources. Maybe this is the reason why they are so receptive to astrology. Aquarius is also the ruling sign for astrologers. Was reading about some forecasts Russian astrologers were creating for the year 2002 in an article written at the time by Kevin O’Flynn for Johnson’s Russia List entitled Stars Are Not Smiling Away on 2002.

O’Flynn, who quotes Russian astrologers such as Yury Longo, Sergei Bezborodny and Alexander Zarayev, does not appear to place much store in astrological forecasts he but he notes that even several former and current Russian and U.S. leaders and their wives have demonstrated an interest in astrological predictions. Do not know what Russian leaders he is referring to but it is believed that President and Mrs. Reagan consulted astrologers such as Sydney Omar, Jeanne Dixon and Joan Quigley. The comment that caught my attention from the guide, however, was this:

Real Estate Astrologe

Perhaps the most Pessimistic of the astrologers doing the rounds at the Russian press was Alexander Zarayev. He called in Argument Fakty that Russia would see a bumpy ride between February 28 and March 12 and a much worse time after July 27, with issues in the Middle East and other hot spots. It will be like this [ruble] default in 1998, said Zarayev, who, like many astrologers, was short on detail.

Many writers who cover real estate astrology interviews and predictions do not know or like astrology and cover it with thinly veiled ridicule. There’s a reason Astrologers are short on details and that is what want to explain in this report. It is to do with how our predictions are made and how we think. Astrologers do not associate occasions by cause and effect. They associate them by analogy, much as poets do. There are two reasons they use analogy. First, we are attempting to explain things that are hard to put into words, like poets. The poet says my love is like a red, red rose because it is tough to put into words what an abstract thing, experience or feeling like love is without comparing it to something concrete, of rare beauty and ecstatic odor, like, for instance, a rose.

Secondly, we are arriving at our decisions by connecting dots that are imperceptible to the untrained eye but which exist in our calculations and formulas and direct us to our decisions without physical evidence. This is the reason backing up a number of our statements is difficult. We know two things are associated through space and time but we ourselves are not exactly sure what they will look like on the manifest ground plane. That is the reason the Russian astrologer said, it will be like the [ruble] default in 1998.

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