Preschool Management Software – What Must You Pick?

Deciding to home School and home school preschool your child is a really bold decision. You have opted to take responsibility for your child’s education rather than to leave it up to a stranger who may not have the required skills or your child’s best interests in mind.

Of course there are Many questions you will want the answer before you can start. The major one amongst them is; which reading method must you use?

Over the last 150 Years of studying being taught in a classroom, two scanning methods have come to light and have vied for dominance; phonics and sight reading. Each one has its advocates and its detractors.

So let us go through each one and look at their positives and negatives.


Phonics is currently The method in fashion and for very good reason. It is the sounding out of words, by way of instance the word cat will be looked out as k-ae-t.

The benefits of Sounding out the words are that it lets you find an unknown word and sound it out so that you could read it. Phonics is the translating software that you use to interpret a word. It is also the ideal way to teach older children to read as they’ll have a large spoken language.

For All its Benefits nevertheless, phonics has a number of glaring short comings preschool management software. The first of them is that young kids do not have a vocabulary large enough, that should they sound out a word they would understand what it is.

The second is that Young kids do not grasp what you need them to do. So in case you show them a word and instruct them to sound it out they do not understand why they are doing it and this may result in boredom, disinterest and your efforts will be wasted or require a lot more than it should.

Thirdly, there are Many words which are sight words and these cannot be sounded out. A few examples of the words are the, he, her, one and individuals.

Lastly, and most Importantly, English is not a consistent language and because of this phonics has many diverse rules which need to be recalled and applied correctly.

Trying to teach a two Year old the principles of phonics is no mean accomplishment, regardless of what anyone tells you to the opposite.

Sight reading

The Sight reading Method, rather than instructing you to sound out a word, teaches you to learn a word like a picture. You do not have to sound out it or spell it out. This is similar to the Way a Chinese kid learns to read a Chinese character. This is also the way that adults read. We do not sound out the words but instead have memorized what every word looks like.

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